Salt & Light Youth Ministry

Salt and Light youth ministry was initiated by the Prelacy in 2018 as a program to help teens stay connected with the Church, and grow in their relationship to our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Since its launch at Sts. Vartanantz Church, in March 2019, there have been yearly Spring and Fall sessions, which meet twice a month on Monday evenings. 

Dinner is served at 6:00 with Der Kapriel joining the group for prayer and conversation. From 7-8:00 boys and girls split into separate groups, where facilitators lead a topical discussion based on a Bible passage. After the passage is read, questions from a thoughtfully prepared talk sheet are discussed, which encourage the teens to reflect and apply the Christian principle to their lives. 

In addition to regular meetings, there are socials and service projects throughout the year. 

The facilitators are Armand Kibarian, Shakay Kizirian, Artur Arslanyan and Jayne Zobian .

For further information call or text Jayne Zobian at 401-323-5163.

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