Summer Bible Camp



The Sts. Vartanantz Church Summer Bible Camp was established in 2005. Campers between the ages of 4 and 12 enjoy strengthening their existing friendships and making new friends during our weeklong program that meets from 9:00am to 3:00pm, each summer in July.

It continues to be a joy for everyone involved in the Summer Bible Camp to see how the campers have grown and matured both physically and spiritually over the years.  Many of our previous campers are now assistant counselors! 

During daily Bible time, arts and crafts, music and singing, and other various activities, the campers explore the many ways that God is always with us.    Every morning we begin with prayer in the sanctuary with the older campers taking turns leading the prayers. 

Before breaking into smaller groups for Bible time, Der Kapriel spends some time with all of the campers as he discusses a combination of situations related to the theme of the day.   Our counselors always find very creative ways to bring the stories from the Bible to life and make them relevant to the campers’ everyday lives.  Each of the groups meet again in the afternoon to continue their discussion and do some fun crafts and activities.   Wednesday is our traditional day for a Bible camp field trip. Each year we focus on a field trip that will bring our theme to life in a new way.  

 On the last day of Bible Camp, the Men’s Club treats the campers to their annual barbecue on the church grounds.  We thank the Men’s Club, and the Ladies Guild members and friends who help prepare and serve delicious snacks and lunch every day.  Our week concludes with our annual hantes.  Click HERE to watch the July 2023 Bible Camp hantes.





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